26 Book Page Crafts + Free Faux Vintage Printable Book Pages


26 Book Page Crafts + Free Faux Vintage Printable Book Pages

Get an exclusive free printable and find out what book page art you can make with it!


26 Book Page Crafts  Free Faux Vintage Printable Book Pages

You may be wondering why you would need Faux Vintage Printable Book Pages. Well, book page crafts are insanely popular, however, they involve destroying old books. Some of us have a lot of old books we may not find destroying, but others might not. With 26 Book Page Crafts + Free Faux Vintage Printable Book Pages, you will see what amazing creations you can make, either with old books or with fake book pages.

If you care for old books too much to cut them up for crafting, then these printable story pages will come in handy. You will get two pages that include part of the fairytale, "Little Ida's Flowers" by Hans Christian Anderson. Print these pages individually or do two-sided to get the authentic book page look. Because the page is already yellowed, there's no need for special paper.

PLUS! Check out the Paper Craft Project Ideas for These Free Printables as well as the Tips for Printing These Free Printable Book Pages sections below to see how you can use these free printable book pages! Replace the book page or combine this free printable and book pages to create an original creation.

Estimated CostUnder $10

Time to CompleteUnder an hour

Primary TechniquePaper Crafts

Project or Page Size8.5 inches x 11 inches

Type of Paper UsedCardstock


Paper Craft Project Ideas for These Free Printables:

Now that you have these printable book pages, how can you use them? Lots of ways! From book page flowers to cards to wreaths and everything in between, you can use book pages

Below, you will find tons of ideas for book page crafts. You can substitute real book pages with these free printable book pages (or dictionary, encyclopedia, bible, etc) and save the book! Print out as many copies as you need to complete your projects of choice. 

Don't forget to print your faux book pages here!

  1. Book Page Flowers

    Book page flowers range from simple to complex as well as delicate to substantial. You can combine the book pages with other elements, like tissue paper or jewels.

    DIY flowers are some of the prettiest crafts ever and, when you use book pages, it adds a rustic and vintage touch. Perfect for literary lovers! Use these DIY book page flowers as decoration for handmade cards or create a bouquet to brighten your home or give as a gift, depending on the type of project you choose.

    1. Romantic Book Page Rose (Image 1 below)
    2. Paper Flower Push Pins (Image 2 below)
    3. Encyclopedia DIY Flowers (Image 3 below)
    4. Paper Romance Rose  (Image 4 below)
    5. Nifty Book Page & Tissue Paper Flowers (Image 5 below)
    6. Ultra Artistic Found Paper Flower (Image 6 below)
    7. Vintage Dictionary Paper Flowers (Image 7 below)
    8. Deceptively Thrifty Paper Flowers (Image 8 below)

  2. Book Page Card Ideas, Bookmarks, and Decorations

    Below, you will find a list of book page crafts full of variety! You can cut book pages (or your new printable book pages, of course) into patterns like hearts, circles, or fun abstract scrappy shapes for the front of handmade cards.

    Check out the embellishments that work for your DIY cards as well as scrapbooks or even as gift toppers. Turn a book page into a butterfly or combine book page pieces with other embellishments like stamps or die cuts to design a beautiful and impressive adornment. There's even a book page pendant idea with vintage charm.

    But that's just one of the ways to use book pages. You can print out the page and then cut it into several bookmarks in your size of choice. There's also a Book Page Bookmarks tutorial below that combines book pages with construction paper to make really pretty and funky bookmarks that kids will love.

    Beyond card making ideas and bookmarks, there are so many incredible decor ideas involving book pages. A pumpkin made from book pages to decorate for fall? Creepy and unique skull decor for Halloween? A flying phoenix made from book pages? Mixed media wall art that allows you to unleash your creativity? We've got it all listed below!

    1.   Adorable Ephemera Elephant Card (Image 1 below)
    2.   Words on Wings Butterfly Embellishment (Image 2 below)
    3.   Pink and Black Forgotten Time Card (Image 3 below)
    4.   Beautiful Bird Box (Image 4 below)
    5.   Book Page Bookmarks (Image 5 below)
    6.   Victorian Paper Doll Pendant (Image 6 below)
    7.   Ravishing Rustic Book Page Pumpkins (Image 7 below)
    8.   Boutique Chic Glitter Skulls (Image 8 below)
    9.   Papier Mache Queen of Skulls (Image 9 below)
    10. ​Flying Phoenix Paper Bird (Image 10 below)
    11. ​Paper Rose DIY Mixed Media Art ​(Image 11 below)

  3. Book Page Wreaths

    These are so stunning that you will want to make one for every season. Many of them involve book page flowers, similar to some you've seen in projects above, however, these DIY wreaths involve so much more.

    From romantic wreaths to thrifty wreath ideas, you will see the creative mix of designs you can make for wreaths in your home while including your book pages.

     The Paper Ephemera Sunburst Mirror even includes a mirror so it's beautiful but also functional. Change up the colors, messages, and styles to make these paper crafts work for your style.

    1. Spiral Rose Book Page DIY Wreath (Image 1 below)
    2. Share a Little Bit of Love Paper Wreath (Image 2 below)
    3. Vintage Children's Book DIY Wreath (Image 3 below)
    4. Mixed Material Paper Flower DIY Wreath (Image 4 below)
    5. Beautiful Rolled Book Page Wreath (Image 5 below)
    6. Easy Book Page Valentine's Day Wreath (Image 6 below)
    7. Paper Ephemera Sunburst Mirror (Image 7 below)

Tips for Printing These Free Printable Book Pages:

When printing, you will have several options to choose from. Most of the preset settings will work fine for these pages, but you can adjust if needed. All printer settings are different, but most should have a version of these options:

  1. Pages to Print:

    Depending on what you want, you can choose to print one or both of these printable vintage book pages.

    All: If you want to print both pages, choose this option.

    Current Page: If you are on or see Page 1, you will be printing Page 1. If you are on or see Page 2, you will be printing Page 2.

    Two-Sided: Some printers allow you to choose whether you wish to print on one side of the paper or on both sides of the paper. Choose two-sided (or "print on both sides of paper") if you want Page 1 on one side and Page 2 on the other side. This would result in the free printable resembling an actual book page (only bigger).

  2. Page Size:

    These free printables include larger font and wider borders than an actual book page so that you can customize the pages as needed.

    Actual Size: Choosing this option may result in the edges of the image being cut off. If you are planning on cutting up the page a lot and not concerned with losing full sentences or some of the text, then this option is fine.

    Fit: Choosing this option may result in extra white space on the top and bottom but will include all the copy on the page.

    Shrink Oversized Pages: This option is essentially the same as the "Fit" option.

    Custom Scale: This is probably the most important option if you want to make specific book page crafts. You can change the percent of the page to make it bigger or smaller. You can use your print preview to see what the page will look like when printed.

  3. Other Tips:

    Portrait vs Landscape: Your printer should automatically detect that this page should be printed in Portrait. If it does not, change the setting to Portrait.

    Color vs Grayscale: Because of the vintage look of these pages, choose Color when printing.

    Paper: You can use different types of paper to achieve various effects. Use a lighter weight paper for a more delicate look or a thicker paper if needed for a particular project.

What is your favorite way to use book pages?
Let us know in the comments below!

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Love the free printable! Such a great way to create these vintage crafts without destroying a book. )

A printable book page is something that I always find myself wanting when looking at book page craft ideas. It's very difficult for me to tear up a book even though I love the look.

That's a very good idea! I have avoided doing crafts that used book pages because I hate to tear up books, old or not. With these pages, now I can try some of the things I have looked at and wanted to do. This is going to be fun, thanks for posting it!

I'm pretty new to paper crafting, so I don't yet have a favorite way to use book pages, but I just love the way they look. Also, the tips on how to print book pages were super helpful - thank you!


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