How to Quill Paper: 40+ Free Paper Quilling Patterns


How to Quill Paper: 40+ Free Paper Quilling Patterns

Learn how to quill paper into all sorts of useful and beautiful designs.


How to Quill Paper 40 Free Paper Quilling Patterns

The art of paper quilling or paper filigree is a timeless craft that can be used for almost any project. From decorative items like wall hangings or coasters to DIY embellishments for scrapbook pages and cards, free paper quilling patterns are as versatile as they are beautiful.

While the finished works are so beautiful that they might seem daunting, don't let this stop you! Once you learn how to quill paper, a gate will be opened to a world of paper crafting possibility. Embellish all of your upcoming paper crafts with quilled spirals, DIY paper flowers, snowflakes, and more when you explore these 40+ Free Paper Quilling Patterns.

In the categories below, you will find Homemade Card Ideas, How to Make Paper Jewelry, and More Free Quilling Patterns. There are varying degrees of skill level in each category, so take a look and see what you want to try next. We are always adding more incredible quilling ideas and quilling designs on AllFreePaperCrafts, too.

PLUS! Make sure you check out this video right below. It's a tutorial for an adorable quilled birthday card. It's easy, fun, and festive!

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How to Quill Paper

How to Quill Paper

Here are some quick tips for learning how to quill paper. Quilling for beginners means getting the basics down and choosing simple shapes. Paper quilling is a fun craft to learn but does take practice and patience. Follow these steps to become familiar with this paper craft skill and, before you know it, you'll be making your own unbelievable paper quilling designs.

1. Familiarize yourself with the tools and strips of paper. Some quilling projects can be made with homemade tools and hand cut paper strips but if you're beginning, it's best to buy a quilling needle or slotted tool and precut quilling strips.

2. Learn the basic paper quilling shapes. There are only a few basic shapes you need to learn in order to start quilling. Getting these fundamental paper quilling shapes will become the foundation for your paper projects. 

3. Practice. Use worksheets to practice your quilling shapes before creating a new project.

4. Start with beginner projects. It can be tempting to choose a more complicated quilling piece, but you should start with simple designs, such as coils, flowers, hearts, or feathers.

Below, you will also find several helpful articles and video tutorials to look over and help you learn everything there is to know about paper quilling.

Quilling Greeting Cards

2-for-1 Tent Card Tutorial

Homemade cards always look more thoughtful when they have added embellishments, and quilled flowers are a fabulous way to embellish any handmade card. From roses to daisies to grasses and more, these homemade card ideas have the loveliest decorations. Thanks to these quilling greeting cards, you'll never buy a card from the store again!

Ask your niece what her favorite color is, grab a pattern for your friend's favorite flower, and start quilling gorgeous embellishments for handmade cards today!

Quilling Paper Jewelry

Quilled Bird Necklace

Want to learn how to make paper jewelry that will dazzle? Turn your paper quilling into wearable paper crafts! These earrings and necklaces will be a hit when you wear them to family gatherings or give them as gifts to your loved ones. Quilling paper jewelry will instantly add a professional finish to any jewelry project.

Use beautiful metallic quilling paper to give your jewelry projects a lustrous sheen. Quilled hearts and flowers make gorgeous pendants. Accessorize with paper and amaze everyone you see.

Free Paper Quilling Designs That Will WOW!

Radiant Quilled Butterfly

Decorate your home, Christmas tree, handmade cards, or scrapbook layouts with any of these remaining tutorials. String together several paper snowflakes to create a lovely garland for the winter season, and learn how to make paper flowers with various quilled coils. These quilling designs are quite remarkable.

No matter what occasion you want to commemorate, you will find a beautiful paper quilling tutorial to suit your interests.

Paper Quilling Flowers Patterns

Lily of the Valley Quilled Flowers

In our humble opinion, even real flowers can't compare to these stunning paper quilling flowers! Whether you want to make add a breathtaking DIY embellishment to another paper craft or let these flowers take center stage, you won't regret trying these lovely paper quilling flower patterns!

What is your best paper quilling tip?

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Amazing a href="https//"diy projects/a by paper quilling

This comment is on the Pretty Quilled Vase and Teacup because it wouldn't let me leave it on it's page. Oh my goodness!!! This Pretty Quilled Vase and Teacup is definitely stinkin' cute! This piece of art just pops! I too, mulberrygalprinces s have been thinking of a few choice items to use in decorating my kitchen and I think this would be the perfect touch above the drink station! I have a friend who would absolutely love this in her kitchen. Thank you for sharing the inspiration!

Wow! I just received a basic quilling kit for my birthday and I've been wondering about digging in and getting busy with it but have been uncertain at the same time. I stumbled across this page at just the right time! I already do some paper crafting like greeting cards and scrapbooking. This will certainly be an addition that I will enjoy for years to come! Thanks for bringing all this material together for us!

Thank you! This is just the page I need. I learned to quill quite some time ago, but haven't done it in years so I was a little nervous about doing some of the quilling projects you have, but intrigued, too. Quilling can make such pretty decorations that I have dozens of things I want to try already.

nicomedeschristina6426878 De muito bom gosto,transmite a sensao de ser a criao de um designer.As orientaes esto claras ,ajudando na compreenso das informaes.Parabns pelo trabalho desenvolvido e por compartilha-lo.

Thank you so much for this post. I haven't wanted to learn how to Quill for a long time and it makes it so much easier to have a list of projects all together. I've seen many quilling projects on Pinterest but they usually don't have the original web address, so this post really helps.

My stepdaughter is new to quilling anyone know any books for complete beginner's

Hi! We don't have a book (yet!) but we do have a few tutorial articles, like,, and Some of the quillers featured in this collection have fantastic resources on their blogs. I would check out and -Krista, editor, AllFreePaperCrafts

nice site with great ideas.

Summer fruity fizz sandals necklace

Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest! We loved all of the creative choices. The new necklace name is Boho Fun! - Krista, Editor, AllFreePaperCrafts

vibrant tear drops

Alice's Quilled Wonderland Necklace

Rainbow Angel Wings 3

I would call it "Oh so quilled" necklace

Hanging By a Quill, or Quilled by the Neck

Crazy Quilled Collar

so much fun

Call it "Rainbow by the Sea"

"Spiraling outta control" is what I would name it

I'd call it "Ms. Frizzle's Statement Necklace"

I would call it "Dizzy Circle Necklace"!


I would call it "Aroraborealis" --- I am sure that the spelling is wrong --- but the colours remind me of the wonderful display of colour in a crisp winter's eve sky.

I would name this Blooming Fantastic 100%

I would name this Boho fun

I would name this "Rainbow Splash." sandhollowgems at yahoo dot com

Rainbow Quilled Neck Elegance

Burst of Colors Quilled Necklace

Radiant Rainbow Statement Necklace

I would name this project "Beaded Mosaic Paper Necklace."

Pop of Every Color Statement Necklace

I just got into paper quilling myself and I love how these projects range in skill level. I'm hoping to work up to that gorgeous Paper Quilled Heart Box.

My nephew loves to quill, so I'll be passing along these cool craft ideas to him.

I can't believe how gorgeous these are! Is this something a beginner can learn how to do?

You may want to start with this: Also, the Simple and Special Rick Rack Card is great for beginners!


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