Paper Quilling Tools and Basics


Paper Quilling Tools and Basics

If you want to learn paper quilling, then you need to get to know these basics first!


Paper Quilling Tools and Basics

If you want to learn how to do paper quilling, start here. This paper quilling tutorial will teach you about Paper Quilling Tools and Basics so that you can start crafting up a storm. The term "quill" means to form into small cylindrical folds. Therefore, paper quilling is taking thin strips of paper and swirling them into shapes.

This paper craft is highly popular amongst paper crafters. You can use paper quilling in all sorts of projects. Because you can make a plethora of shapes, from circles, stars, hearts, and flowers to furniture and extravagant 3D designs. You can also use quilled paper in many of your paper crafts, like cards, scrapbook embellishments, home decorations, and even jewelry! 

First you need to learn about the paper quilling tools you will need to create these beautiful creations. Fortunately, many of the tools you need are easy to find. You can even buy a beginner quilling kit that will have everything you need to quill. You will then learn the basics of how to use these quilling tools. After reading this, you will be able to start your first project with the knowledge you need. That's why we are also including some of the most popular quilling tutorials found here on AllFreePaperCrafts!

Paper quilling is a very simple idea, but it does take time to create truly jaw-dropping designs. Start with simple shapes and then use those shapes to make more complex shapes. Before you know it, you will be designing large-scale creations that are museum quality. Fair warning, this is a very addictive craft, so be prepared to get hooked!

Paper Quilling Tools

Luckily, you only need a few tools to start quilling paper. With these tools, you will be able to get the stunning detail needed when making these paper crafts. Even the most delicate fingers are too big to twirl the paper the way it needs. However, that's not to say your hands aren't just as important! You will need your fingers to pinch the quilled paper into shapes. The basic tools you will need include quilling paper, a slotted quilling tool, scissors, and glue. Though, some additional tools will come in handy for some designs, such as a quilling needle, tweezers, cutters, pliers, quilling combs, quilling sizing boards, plastic forms for shaping, molds, and crimping tools.

Paper Quilling Tools: Quilling Paper

Quilling paper is very thin and comes in different sizes.You can get 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", and 3/8", as well as other custom sizes. You can always cut the paper yourself, as well. For that, you will need a paper cutting board, a straight edge, ruler, and utility knife. Because quilling paper is so thin, it usually comes in packs. You can get these packs in one color, primary colors, or shades of a certain color. This is helpful for each project. When you are just starting, it's probably best to get a pack that has a variety of colors to choose from.

Quilling Paper

Paper Quilling Tools: Boards, Forms, and Molds

Above is a sample of a circle shaping board. Many different shaping boards are available, in plastic and wood. These boards help you to form shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, hearts, teardrops, and so on. These boards are very helpful to have so that your quilled shape stays that shape. There are also 3D forms and molds for more advanced projects.  

Boards, Forms, and Molds

Paper Quilling Tools: Basic Tools

The main tool that you will need is the quilling slotted tool. This has a small slot that holds the paper, making it easier to roll. Another tool that will come in handy is the quilling needle tool. This tool is similar to the slotted tool (the second image above), the needle is long and thin, and there is no slot. This tool is helpful to curl paper in different ways. The quilling tweezer tool (the first image above) is a sharp, thin needle tool that will help you grab the paper and move it as needed. You can use any type of tweezers you'd like, but the more precise the needles are, the better. Similarly, pliers can help move, crimp, and shape the quilled paper.  

Basic Tools

Paper Quilling Tools: Adhesive

In order for the edge of the paper shape to stay and for the whole shape not to unravel, you will need adhesive. Any paper glue will work, but a fine tip is necessary for precision. In most cases, you only need a tiny bit to secure the end. 

Read the paper quilling instructions to know what tools you will need before you start or purchase all of these tools.


Paper Quilling Basics: Using the Slotted Tool

Cut the quillng paper to the desired size. Slide the paper into the slots of the slotted tool. Roll the very edge of the paper over the metal to get the rolling started. Slowly roll the paper by holding the tool with one hand and the paper with the other. Once the paper is quilled, slowly and carefully remove the circle from the tool. 

Using the Slotted Tool

Paper Quilling Basics: Using the Shaping Board

After you've carefully removed the shape you just made, dab a small amount of glue on the outside end to hold it in place. Then place the shape it in the desired hole of the board you're using, as shown above. Let it relax and sit for several minutes. When you remove it, the shape should be complete, as shown below.

Using Shaping Board

Paper Quilling Tutorials

These paper quilling tutorials are our readers' favorites on AllFreePaperCrafts. The list includes easy to more difficult projects, so start with number one and move down the list. Sit back and enjoy your new quilling hobby!

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Lovely Quilled Heart Flower Card

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I love all the colors and the simplicity of this art form! I didn't know that "the term "quill" means to form into small cylindrical folds"! It's also amazing that quite a few of the tools for this craft are ones you might already have, are easy to locate or make yourself. I believe that it's a simple craft but it does take time to create these masterpieces. I'll probably get the techniques down and then maybe be able to do it in front of my favorite television programs!

I've just recently discovered paper quilling, and it's so fascinating! It's a true art form.


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