How to Make a 3D Card: 23+ Card Making Ideas


How to Make a 3D Card: 23+ Card Making Ideas

Once you learn how to make cards, you will never need to buy again! Check out the bonus embellishments, too!


How to Make a 3D Card 23 Card Making Ideas

Do you know how to make a 3D card? 2D cards are easy to make, but 3D cards are a little trickier. Whether you want to make a DIY pop-up card or create DIY embellishments to give a flat card some texture, this collection, How to Make a 3D Card: 23+ Card Making Ideas will provide you with the inspiration to get started!

Take a look at these fantastic 3D card making ideas and 3D embellishments. Using various techniques, there's something for everyone. You'll never want to make another 2D card again after experiencing how fun these 3D cards are to make and how awesome a card can look.

PLUS! For visual learners, we have a video tutorial right below that features a gorgeous pop-up card that you can learn how to make by following along. This project can also be adapted for any occasion.

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How to Make a 3D Card

How to Make a 3D Card

Learn how to make handmade 3D greeting cards by following along with this simple how-to tutorial from Stephenie Hamen for Tonic Studios.

Paper trimmer
Craft knife
Floral tools
Adhesive tape runner
Stamps (1532E)
Patterned paper (floral)
Self-Healing craft mat
Stamping block
Black ink

1.   Cut cardstock to 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" then fold down the middle. (images 1 & 2)
2.   Cut an extra piece of cardstock to 5" x 1". (image 3)
3.   Mark at 1" increments then fold. (images 4 & 5)
4.   Adhere one of the folded sections to the bottom middle of the top portion of the inside of the card. (image 6)
*** If you are going to add in a fun patterned paper background, do this now or you will end up having to remove this later (image 16) to put it on when you are done.
5.   Fold the rest of the piece to be a box, adhering the last panel to the first. (image 7)
6.   Adhere the bottom of the cube to the top middle portion of the bottom half of the card. (images 8 & 9)
7.   Cut a fun patterned paper square (approx. 2-1/2" x 2-1/2") and adhere to the front for the square. This will be the base to work from for the pop-up. (image 10)
8.   Using your knife and craft mat, cut 4 flowers and 4 leaves from the floral patterned paper. (image 11)
9.   Adhere 3 of the flowers to scraps of the cardstock. (image 12)
10. Adhere these to the back of the base, turning it into a vase (image 13) adding the leaves in as well.
11. Stamp a "hello" sentiment. (image 14)
12. Cut it with paper trimmer to look like a mini flag (image 15) then adhere to the vase.
13. Cut and insert patterned paper to write sentiment on.
14. Cut paper for the front panels (images 17 and 18) - layer and adhere.
15. Take the floral tools and add dimension to the remaining flower and leaves you had cut out. (image 19)
16. Adhere to the front. (image 20)
17. Admire and test out your finished DIY 3D card. (images 21, 22, & 23)

3D Card Making Ideas

Fancy Folds Card

From pop-up Christmas cards to floral cards and more, we have 3D card making ideas for any occasion! Use paper quilling ideas to make swirly designs on your next dimensional card, or follow easy cutting tutorials to make your cards pop open.

If you haven't hopped on the 3D cards trend, you've fallen behind! Catch up and be amazed at the results when you learn how to make a card that is amazingly dimensional.

3D Birthday Card Ideas

3D Flower Vase Birthday Card

Looking for a card that will blow away the birthday boy or girl? Regardless of his or her preferences, you'll find a 3D birthday card template that's the perfect fit.

No need to be intimidated by these projects - these Hallmark-worthy cards are surprisingly easy paper projects!

PLUS! DIY Embellishments

Paper Flower Petal Butterflies

Rather than crafting a 3D card, you can make 2D cards and add 3D embellishments! These DIY embellishments are perfect little projects because they're quick to make and can make any craft more dimensional.

Learning how to make 3d greeting cards is awesome, especially when you see how to add impressive embellishments. These projects are great to add to cards, but you can use them for scrapbooking and any other paper craft projects, too.

Have you ever made a 3D card? If so, how long does it usually take?
Let us know in the comments!

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There are so many great ideas for 3D cards here! I'll never have to visit the card aisle again!!

3D cards are terrific! They are sooooo versatile and free spirited. They can be given for many different occasions. I usually have the materials already in my stash and I love that they can be tailored to the person you're giving them to without much difficulty. They are very easy to make up ahead of time and have on hand when a card giving occasion comes up unexpectedly. I find this especially true of floral ones like the one here!

I love this a href="http//"3d cards/a too much. Really lovely cards . I am sure my child will love them.

It often takes me awhile to come up with an idea or design. Once I have something in mind, and have pulled out all my supplies, I make several cards. It can take several hours to make one card, and not much longer to make several. Occasionally I pull out just paints, markers, pencils, etc., and just make background papers!

Love the addition of the video tutorial since I'm a visual learner!

I LOVE making 3D Cards! They usually take more time to make, but the recipients are always so impressed and surprised when they open them. I think my favorites are the Cards in a Box. I made a batch of bases, so when I want to make one, all I have to do is decorate it. I also like stair step cards!

I always make a prototype using cheap Walmart cardstock before making a 3-D card. That usually takes about 20 minutes, or so. The actual card takes much longer because it has to be decorated, maybe several hours longer. I love the look of 3-D cards!!!

it takes me 2 hours, more or less.

It takes me at least 2 hours to make a 3-D card. I add my own flare. Thanks for the inspiration and for the opportunity to win a gift.

I rarely make my own cards I have not tried to make a 3-D one but after reading, I might attempt to start trying! I enjoy crafts even though I am disabled with severe rheumatoid arthritis. On good days, I enjoy it!

I don't usually make 3D cards except for very special occasions for a special person, but when I do it usually takes me a couple of hours sometimes even a whole day.

They usually take me just about two hours, which is why I make them for very special occasions.

I don't generally make 3D cards as I mail most of mine, but do like pop ups so will have to check these out.

I don't own any of the fancy card making equipment, but I have made free hand flower templates of varying sizes, shapes, colors and then stacked them on a piece of cardstock or construction paper with a brad through the center. I made approx. 10 cards and envelopes with these 3-d flowers on them and it took about 2 hours. My biggest problem was stuffing the envelopes without crushing the flowers.

I have never triedmaking a 3-D card, but these are amazing! Great giveaway -thanks

I only made one once. It was pretty difficult and I was not happy with the results. It took several hours - I would say 4-5. Back then, we didn't have some of the nifty tools and things available to us these days.

I do love 3d cards they have so much more wow factor. I spend usually about an hour on them depending on the complexity.

Congratulations, you are the winner of the comment contest. Expect an email soon! - Krista, editor, AllFreePaperCrafts

It takes me at least 2 hours to make a 3-D card because it is a work in progress. I add my own flare. Thanks for the inspiration and for the opportunity to win a mystery gift.

I love to make 3-D cards! It is my gift to the recipient. It will usually take me a couple of hours (at least) to make a 3-D card. I am a perfectionist! I use pop-dots, paper quilling, paper flowers and layered die-cuts to make my 3-D cards. I would be SO excited to win! I don't know how to include a photo of the 3-D cards I have made. I am "old school" and am still learning "modern technology".


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