How to Make Origami Fun and Functional: 17 Origami Animals, Flowers, & More


How to Make Origami Fun and Functional: 17 Origami Animals, Flowers, & More

Learn how to make origami projects that double as home decor or toys!


How to Make Origami Fun and Functional 15 Origami Animals Flowers  More

There are many reasons why origami has been popular since the 1600s, and this collection gives you several of them. How to Make Origami Fun and Functional: 17 Origami Animals, Flowers, & More is a roundup of projects that use this paper crafting technique.

Paper folding is a beautiful form of expression, and learning how to make origami is both challenging and fun. There's no limit to what you can create using this Japanese art form. For instance, you're probably familiar with paper cranes, but did you know that there are thousands of origami ideas for everything from flowers and animals to boxes and toys?

These tutorials on how to make origami range in difficulty from simple origami patterns for kids to intermediate origami ideas for master paper folders. Try your hand at these projects, and you'll see the world as origami masters do: as an endless source of inspiration.

For some easy paper folding, try the Toilet Paper Roll Party Poppers shown in the video tutorial right below.

Easy Origami Animals

Origami Flappy Fire Dragon

There are no limits to what you can create with paper when you let your imagination run wild. With a sheet of paper and some patience, you can craft tiny paper versions of your favorite animals. If you're feeling whimsical, fold an origami dragon to watch over you. The exquisite detail on these paper creatures can be misleading. Though these projects look hard to make, even children can get the hang of these simple origami techniques.

Origami Flower Patterns

Origami Lotus Flower

Unlike live plants, origami flower bouquets don't wilt, nor do they drop their petals at the first hint of wind. In the right hands, these homemade paper flowers stay perfectly preserved year after year. Because paper blooms don't require any upkeep, origami flower arrangements make especially great gifts for elderly neighbors and relatives.

Origami Box Tutorial and Other Origami Ideas

Pocket Origami Bookmark

Origami can be as useful as it is entertaining. Why spend money on a bookmark when you can make your own adorable origami bookmark in a matter of minutes? Organize your office supplies by crafting an origami box. It's a unique way to keep those errant paper clips in order. Origami can also be used in home décor. You can make precious holders for your tea lights. Learn how to do origami, and you'll have an inexhaustible supply of inexpensive origami ideas to give to family and friends.

What is your favorite origami project?

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These are all great ideas! I love origami, but the figures usually just sit around and gather dust when I'm finished with them. With these crafts, I can actually use them for something.

I just started doing origami. I like the variety in this list. I can work my way up to the harder projects.


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