Most Popular Paper Crafts: Paper Flowers vs Butterflies


Most Popular Paper Crafts: Paper Flowers vs Butterflies


When it comes to paper crafts, there are so many gorgeous projects that it's nearly impossible to choose the most stunning of them all. But that's exactly what we want to know. Do you prefer perfect paper flower projects or breathtaking butterfly crafts?


Let's have them battle it out. Choose "paper flowers" or "paper butterflies" below.

Stunning Crepe Paper Peonies  Beautiful Quilled Monarch Butterfly

If you need a little convincing, check out some of our most popular DIY paper flower and butterfly crafts listed below. 


Prettiest Paper Flowers

  1. Stunning Crepe Paper Peonies

  2. Dainty Little Tissue Paper Flowers

  3. Pretty Paper Peonies from Cupcake Wrappers

  4. How to Make a Folded Paper Rose

  5. Quilled Spider Chrysanthemum


Beautiful Butterfly Projects

  1. Beautiful Quilled Monarch Butterfly

  2. Wax Paper Butterfly

  3. Gorgeous Glistening Fairy Wings

  4. Paper Flower Petal Butterflies

  5. How to Quill a Paper Butterfly



Paper Flowers vs Paper Butterflies

Which paper crafts are better: paper flowers or paper butterflies?

Vote "paper flowers" or "paper butterflies" in our comment section below!


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I love the paper butterflies their just simply beautiful

A huge thanks to everyone who voted in our contest. It was a close race but, in the end, PAPER FLOWERS are the more popular paper craft. Check back for more contests! - Krista, Editor, AllFreePaperCrafts

paper butterflies

Hard choice, but I think I'll go with butterflies

I would like to win this for my wife and daughter. Thanks

These are so cute and I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

each is very pretty - I would say butterflies

I think the paper butterflies are better.

I like them both, but I really love the paper flowers!

I have made many paper flowers but never a butterfly. I pick flowers but I will be checking out the butterflies!

I like them both.

I choose butterflies.

I love the paper butterflies.

paper flowers

Paper butterflies for my own mariposa!

I love the butterflies.

I choose butterflies.

That's a tough one because I enjoy all forms of nature. I'm voting for the butterflies, but only by a hair.

My vote is paper butterflies

I love both flowers and butterflies but would have to put butterflies at the top of my list!!

Paper butterflies of course! Life without butterflies would be colorless! 3

Hard to pick but I will go with butterflies

Could you make this more difficult??!! Okay I!!

I love both, however I vote flowers.

Congratulations, you won our contest! Expect an email with details soon!! :) - Krista, editor, AllFreePaperCrafts

awesome flowers

I love both, but really love butterflies, I even have butterfly tattoos.. )

Paper flowers ... but I love both!

I vote for the flowers although they are both beautiful

Paper butterflies are beautiful paper to get the full color of them.


I love the flowers.

Paper crafts are something I have never tried but seeing these samples I would love to try them - especially love butterflies.

I like both but I like theutterflies just a little more

Tried this craft? What did you think?


They are both beautiful, but my vote is for flowers!

AWESOME !!! I love paper crafts

I have always loved butterflies, they are like a messenger from heaven.

Paper Butterflies would be my choice. Butterflies remind me of a beautiful lady that passed away at 39 years of age and left behind a precious 4 year old daughter. Life is beautiful and is also so fragile, just like a Butterfly!

I like the paper butterflies.

paper butterflies

Maybe this is weird, but it seems to me that flowers are more "neutral" while butterflies are more of a "thing". I guess, a blossom or bouquet can blend into decor, but a butterfly or swarm of butterflies will be attention-grabbing. For that reason alone, I choose flowers. That said, I like to put 1 or 2 small butterflies in my bouquets, whether silk, paper or actual flowers! For actual flowers, it's an extra gift that will last long after the bouquet is compost.

I think I will choose the flowers because I love flowers in the house and summer is over and no more flowers. These are gorgeous and could pass for real so my house can be full of flowers all year long.

I am not very fond of butterflies, I think they are bugs with good wardrobe budgets (lol) but I love making paper flowers. So there's your answer.

paper flowers

paper flowers

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers

Paper flowers

paper butterflies

I am partial to paper flowers, but my preschooler likes the butterflies. So one vote for each.

Paper butterflies

Paper butterflies to make, though I love to see the flowers.

Paper butterflies

Paper Butterflies!

paper butterflies

I like paper flowers more because I could use them for so many different things

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers

Paper flowers.


I am not very crafty but am willing to learn to make those beautiful spring flowers. I would have them all over my home in bunches.

I like flower's so many colors and types !

While they are both beautiful, I have only seen dies for making paper butterflies, while there are many ways to make all sorts of paper flowers. So, my vote would be flowers!

I find that I really enjoy the challenge of crafting 3D flowers. Flowers offer a great variety, and can suit many moods and occasions.

They are both beautiful. I don't see paper butterflies as often as flowers, so I will go with butterflies.

Both flowers and butterflies are beautiful. However, flowers are becoming more and more like real flowers, even adding aroma to them, so much that I would vote for flowers.

I love the idea of using these on cards! Great way to share your love of paper crafting.

I love creating both butterflies and flowers,

I love paper crafting. Cards and 3-D are my favs.

I just love paper flowers!

Paper Butterflies

Gotta go with the flowers!

Butterflies and flowers are both beautiful, but I vote Paper Flowers.

each is wonderful in their own right, but the flowers are so realistic and enchanting I guess my vote is flowers for now.

I have to say, the flowers are pretty....but the butterflies are GORGEOUS!!!

I think they are both great for different applications. I do however love the flowers!

Paper Butterflies

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers for sure!

I am obsessed with paper flowers. Butterflies can be pretty, but the flowers are the best.

I love paper butterflies, but paper flowers are by far the best. The possibilities are endless because I believe flowers out number butterflies.

Paper butterflies are very pretty but paper flowers are easier to make and adapt to every season

Ha. This is a trick question because my paper wreathes have both flowers and butterflies on them. I guess paper flowers win out if a choice needs to be made. This is simply because some flowers can be chosen for each season of the year but butterflies definitely aren't a winter "thing."

the butterflies

butterflies are the best

They are both lovely, but the flowers are just beautiful!


I love paper flowers!! I actually prefer them to the real thing...all the beauty, none of the allergies.

I vote for flowers! Paper butterflies can kind of spook me sometimes

FLOWERS! There's just something so dainty and peaceful about flowers.

Paper flowers! They are so versatile and beautiful.


Flower power! The paper flowers are so beautiful and they seem like they'd be versatile enough for decorating year round.

Butterflies! They're so wonderfully colorful!

Paper flowers for sure! The ones in the image above are gorgeous )

Paper flowers! You almost can't tell that they're fake!

I've been to a wedding where they used paper flowers as the table centerpieces. They looked just like the real thing!

Paper flowers for me! I think they are great for decorating and add a pop of color to every room!

It seems like flowers are winning right now, and I always root for the underdog, so I'm going to say butterflies are better! )

Flowers! I love how fun it is to decorate with paper flowers.

I think paper flowers are so cool. The ones on this page look like real flowers I'd find in a garden. So beautiful!

My favorite has always been butterfies-both are beautiful!

I'm torn, because both paper flowers and butterflies are so pretty, but I think paper flowers are my all-time favorite.


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